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For first-timers who would like to see if live roulette online offers the same excitement as the land-based casinos, the only way to find out is to choose the right casino. With there being hundreds of casinos that claim to offer the best, it's not an easy task weeding out all the unscrupulous ones.

Find good reputed casinos like the Global Live Casino, to ensure playing live roulette online does not become a trial and error exercise. While there are many casinos offering live roulette, not everyone really gives the best. The software that is used makes a whole lot of difference.

Global Live Casino uses advanced technology with the best software and high level graphics in bringing live roulette online to players. The casino is based on Vuetec software, which is considered to be the best in the gaming industry. With the Distance Gaming Technology this software offers, people can experience a higher level of gaming than anywhere else.

The quality of video and audio streaming that Global Live Casino offers is incomparable. The game here takes players right into the middle of a real casino game, and online players will find themselves amidst players at the casino and live dealers.

The spinning of the wheel, the anticipation writ large on the faces of other players, and smart live dealers doing their thing: all these things can easily make home-bound players forget that they are not seated at the casino themselves.