The History of Slot Machines

Slots is one of the most well-known casino games in the world. It is popular with experienced players and new ones alike, but most of them don't know the history of the game.

From the Beginning

The concept of a slots game has been around for well over a century. The very first slots machine was invented in 1895 and became a highly marketable and popular casino device in 1907. The first machines were mechanical devices that worked with spinning reels that were triggered by pulling a handle attached to the side of the machine. Bets were placed by dropping coins into the machine and prizes were awarded in the same manner.

The Evolution

Long gone are the days of the pull arm and the bucket of nickels or quarters. Most slots machines in land based casinos are digital, meaning the pull arm has been replaced by a spin button and the quarters have been replaced by a debit or credit card. Players no longer even have to cash out a ticket and take it to the counter to receive their winnings. Many land based machines are able to deduct wagers and refund winnings to the same card, bypassing the middle man entirely.

Online Games are the Winner

Another branch in the evolution of the slots game is the advent of online slots. Players can enjoy their favorite game or a host of variations from the comfort of their own computer chairs or mobile devices. Players are still able to wager and win real cash; they just no longer have to drive to the local casino to be able to do so.

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