Learn some new poker games today

Learn Some New Poker Games Today and Win Real Money!

Are you tired of the traditional poker games and need some new games to spice up your gaming experience? Online poker comes with many variants that suits the taste and preferences of different players. There are many poker games with different wild cards, card numbers and caveats. Learn some new poker games today to win real money. Many players are currently into playing Texas Hold'em at the casino. Some players are not that lucky in pulling a win. It does not mean that online poker is not the game for you. For example, you can try your luck with Chinese poker rule. Here is a chance to try your luck with these new poker games.


Canadian players can recognize this new poker game especially with its popularity in the region. The game is played with seven cards dealt with each facing down while the players roll the cards on their own. The bets are made when each card is dealt using the five card and two card system. Many can consider the poker game as taking an auction. It starts with pitching a card, while buying another card when one is dealt with facing up. It means you end up paying for a card beforehand and twice for a car that faces down. It ranges from a low ball to a high ball game.

Lazy Pineapple

In case you are bored with Texas Hold'em, you can try your luck with the tropical twist version of the game. The Lazy Pineapple is gaining a large reputation among poker players for its simplicity and winning potential. The game is played with three cards dealt with one left out after each betting round. The betting proceeds similar to playing Texas Hold'em. It takes a different course when it comes to Crazy Pineapple, where you cannot discard a card until it flops. However, all other rules used in traditional Texas Hold'em applies. Despite from giving you a crazy rush, it packs fun while at it at the casino.

Irish Poker

You might be wondering whether the game represents the Irish version of the poker game. However, the Irish poker contains a mix of Omoha and traditional Texas Hold'em in terms of the gameplay. It is played with a player receiving four cards while the betting takes the same course as traditional style of betting. After a player bets on the play, it is must they discard two cards. Afterwards, you can try your luck same way when playing Hold'em. When discarding the cards, it forms the perfect opportunity to land a hand. However, you could have thrown away your chance with the two discarded cards that were dealt.

Black Mariah - Learn Some New Poker Games Today

Sometimes all you need from a poker game is a bit of luck. In case you are on of these players, you will gain the most from this poker game. You will find close resemblance between the Black Mariah with the Seven Card Stud. You can win the pot when you have high spade in all holes.


Without beating about the bush, Badugi is a bit complex poker game for a beginner. Prepare to get confused at the start. These poker games are currently attracting a lot of attention from poker players around the world due to the world tournaments. The latest edition of the tournament includes the World Series of Poker.

How to Play

You can consider badugi as a low ball game that starts with four cards dealt. The gameplay features use of binds and three drawing rounds for the gaming session. After finishing a betting round, a player can decide to keep all the cards or get rid of them all. The gameplay proceeds until until one player does not fold. What do you hope to achieve during the game? You should aim at making the lowest hand without using a pair and using all cards from a different suit. It becomes frustrating when you have a near full house and end up drawing another heart or diamond. It provides a challenge to outdraw other players.

Cincinatti - Learn Some New Poker Games Today

Ever heard of a geographically themed poker game? Then you have a hint about Cincinatti. It starts with each player at the table dealt with five cards each facing down. Each of the five card dealt facing down is exposed periodically which follows with a betting round. It is a crazy fun low-ball poker game.